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Saturday, September 20, 2014

He will never make it!

This little upstart of a Lakota squash.

There he is, only 2 days old.

Little further up on the stalk is a blossom wilting and the newborn, one day old squash. 

There are only a few blossoms in my Squash Patch.  All of the energy of the plant is going into making great big and beautiful Lakota Squash.

This fellow is one of the smallest. 

Those out in the patch are way too big.  I couldn't carry even one into the house.  

 Cucumbers "got away from us".  These are too big to eat and so they will go to the pig farmer down the road.  

My Asters showing off. 

As you might recall, I collected these aster seeds more than forty years ago.  

The Ancestors of my asters were growing through a fence by Lake Maggiore,  Italy.    

Little worms were eating my Salpiglossis, a flower I must have in my garden. 
 After removing all of the old soil, so far, the little beasts have not shown up this year...but they will, they always do. 

The "sky blue"  petunias have the most intoxicating scent.

It is easy gardening when your flowerbeds meet you half way. 

They go all the way around three sides of our house.  

"Madame Butterfly" snapdragons add a burst of color. 

Cosmos are taller than I am (which is not saying much). 

And I'm off to Paris.  

Thank you for reading me and thank you also for sharing with me your time and your creativity. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Peaches and pears are ripe

Must bottle a few for cold winter months. 

If you can find the smaller, rosy cheeked, cling free peaches, those are the peaches you will want to can.   

A recipe of light syrup (6 cups of sugar to 8 cups of water) is perfect for peaches.  Not too sweet so you can still taste the delicate flavor of an Early Alberta Peach. 

Ready to be put away.

Must leave a few to eat au natural.

Have a great remainder of the week my dear friends, 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Book has arrived

A book featuring my hand painted Ceramics.

Creating this book was a lot of fun.

It might inspire.


Book is available here

Thursday, August 28, 2014

You can't cry over spilled milk

This has been a strange growing year.  

We have no pears, they froze and so did all of our other fruit trees.  Yes, even apples and plums. 

There was hope, our Interlaken grapes were ripening.

There would be enough Champagne Grape Jelly to share with friends and family. 

Not so.  In only 2 days,  flies, yes flies have destroyed our entire grape harvest.  

Have you heard of such a thing?  

Yellow Jackets and Wasps have had their way with our grapes in the past.  But NEVER flies.

So far the only fruit I have canned are Red Currants. 

Our root vegetables are doing well. 

And we have a fine crop of Sunflowers. 

So, all is not lost. 

Have a great remainder of the week my dear 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I've been writing a book

And it's off to the Printer this morning.


Now back to painting.

A few more ceramics to paint for the 
Artist Studio Tour 
this weekend. 

Have a great week my dear Blogging Friends.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I have not abandoned you

As usual, this time of year

I am preparing for  
the Annual Artist Studio Tour. 

See that red Poppy with the black and green center?

That is an Opium Poppy,  (papaver somniferum).

When I was a very young girl I spent a lot of time out in the country side gathering food for our many rabbits. 

Sooner or later I would run into a Poppy field. 

Often the pods were almost ripe but not quite. 

I would open a pod, empty the many seeds into my hand and hold my hand up toward the sun. 

Within seconds the unripe and green seeds would turn into black poppy seeds, yes the kind you would sprinkle onto baked breads and cakes. 

As soon as the seeds turned black I would eat them, all of them, 
all at once. 

Was that Euphoria I felt?

Wishing you a euphoric week my dear 
Blogging Friends


Monday, August 11, 2014

An ordinary day

Most of the time
I have the luxury to do as I please

I can pick flowers for my kitchen window.

I can bake a quiche for Lunch.

With greens from our garden.

And eggs from our chickens.

Prepare stuffed peppers for dinner.

Drop off a bucket of sunflowers at the local florist.  She will remember when I need a little 
pick me - up -rose - bouquet in the middle of  winter.  

I can paint a few more tiles.
(These are the last tiles of the phase 5 project)

I enjoy painting tiles...the're little mini paintings. 

And then I can sit back in the evening and do nothing.  

How about you?  

Can you take time out and enjoy the view?  

Hope so.  

Have a great week my dear friends.